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Litigation Experience and Expertise.

Michael P. Lagnado is an experienced litigation attorney with vast expertise in a wide variety of litigation, including commercial, real estate, insurance and personal injury matters.

Mr. Lagnado has zealously and successfully represented the interests of a diverse array of clients over the past thirty years, from inception through trial and appeal, in State and Federal Courts.

Client Satisfaction

Mr. Lagnado highly values each and every client he has the privilege to represent. He steadfastly endeavors to satisfy the particular needs of each client. He understands that client satisfaction is his most important obligation.

Mr. Lagnado relentlessly advances and protects the interests of his clients in litigation. He diligently counsels his clients on their exposure to liability and promptly informs them of all significant proceedings in their litigation.

Accessibility to Clients

Most importantly, Mr. Lagnado always makes himself available to discuss the needs of all of his clients and potential clients. He understands that success in litigation requires strategic cooperation between attorney and client.

Trial Experience

Mr. Lagnado has extensive, successful trial experience. He has secured verdicts for plaintiffs and defendants in the most difficult of cases in the most difficult of jurisdictions.

However, Mr. Lagnado fully understands the value of early settlement. He always endeavors to minimize client expenses.

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